OpenSSL - libC Primus
libC Technologies SA Primus Hardware Security Module Solutions as a service or on premises. Features robust and centralized key management. OpenSSL Primus engine for Apache SSL, Nginx, SSH and CURL
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Securing Apache SSL with Primus HSM

Our Primus SSL automated provisioning solution eliminates certificate-related outages with centralized HSM based private keys and certificate life cycle automation. Automatically protect your server identity including SSL/TLS and SSH.

Enabling your web servers with SSL/TLS requires installing individual software private keys and certificates for each domain and virtual server. As the operational overhead increases with each server instance so does the security risks: multiplication of software key material copies, unauthorized access to server key material and manual renewal of server certificates.

With the Primus SSL Automated Provisioning, you

  • Centralize management of server SSL private keys and certificates.


  • Reduces operational overhead and increases security: software copies of the key material and certificates on each server are no longer required. Only CSO teams have access to private keys.


  • Automate certificate renewal, including administrator notifications.


  • Eliminate manual distribution of certificates on each server installation.


  • Support deployment of publicly recognized certificates.


  • Increase availability: eliminate certificate related outages thanks to automated certificate and key management life cycle management


  • Increase security: eliminate security risks thanks to increased machine identity visibility and secured server to server communication.


  • Reduce operational overhead: minimize downtime and maximize productivity


  • OpenSSL Primus engine built-in support for cryptographic RSA/EC operations.


  • Integrates with Unix applications built with OpenSSL such as Apache, Nginx, SSH and CURL.


  • Transparent to backup, restore and replication.


  • Primus HSM cluster for safe failover