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libC Technologies SA Primus Hardware Security Module Solutions as a service or on premises. Features robust and centralized key management.
PKI, Public Key Infrastructure, security, HSM, hardware security module, encryption, digital signature, authentication, smart card, certificate authority, identity management, X.509 certificate, certificate, Oracle TDE, Oracle, TDE
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Service, Maintenance & Support

By choosing our solutions, you choose peace and security. We guarantee the availability of our IT engineers and the quality of the platform hosting. Thanks to hosting in a dedicated, experienced data center based in Zurich, Switzerland, your data is secure and confidential.


Concentrate on your core business, we do the rest: operations, monitoring and control, data backup, hardware replacement, system updates.


Follow Up

  • We offer on-site monitoring to allow users of our solutions to ask their questions to a SwissPKI specialist and delegate any problems they encounter.
  • This monitoring is organized in the form of weekly or monthly sessions with the managers and allows the drafting of protocols and the monitoring of actions.


  • We schedule 6 yearly planned maintenance for platform upgrades and updates.
  • They are set on the last Wednesday of  every even month between 20:00 and 23:00 CET.
  • Scheduled maintenance do not include security updates.


FIPS 140-2/3

The Primus Cloud and on-premises HSMs are certified FIPS 140-2 Level 3. Cloud HSMs are a turnkey service and available immediately. Experts operate the devices and keep them always up to date with the latest safety standards.

ISO 9001

Quality Management. SwissPKI is hosted in a center that meets international quality standards. We pursue a process-oriented approach to ensure continuous improvement in operations. In addition, management and responsibilities are clearly defined and distributed.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management. We ensure that all relevant environmental and regulatory obligations are met.

ISO 20000

Quality and Performance of IT Services. Internal processes and guidelines in all areas of service management allow for effective management. Service quality and service management are regularly monitored and continuously improved.

ISO 27001

Information Security. Thanks to a comprehensive information security management system, data and security are fully protected in accordance with regulations and laws. Customer data is classified and processed accordingly. Security risks are regularly analyzed, assessed and, if necessary, eliminated or minimized using a risk strategy.

ISO 27018

Personal Data Processing in the Cloud. Independent companies regularly review cloud services. Data transfers are encrypted. Customers have access to their data at any time and always have the option to delete or modify it.



Infrastructure monitoring

Are monitored: active infrastructure, availability time, CPU load, memory usage, swap usage, disk usage, processes, zombie processes, connected users, NTP time, application ports, intrusion detection, DDoS (distributed denial of service attacks) detection and prevention.

Patch management

Operating systems and applications are corrected quarterly.

Service availability

The service is guaranteed for 98% of the year (according to the terms of the service contract).

Physical security

Monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is based on standardized security processes organized around a security system of seven successive layers of protection in order to secure the physical area and technical operations. Access control to the equipment is controlled via a contactless smart card and a PIN code.


The perimeter is secured with a fencing system and electronic monitoring to protect against overpasses and underpasses.


Standard operating procedures complement the technical redundancy of the system to ensure maximum safety.

Telecom connection

The connection is established by a combination of global top-level telecom operators to the regional provider.


SwissIX provides a direct and redundant connection and direct access to international Internet exchanges is via partners. Cross connections are made over dedicated and redundant links.

System monitoring

The system benefits from hardware and active storage monitoring, which includes power ratings of power sources, CPU fan speeds, temperature, disks, memory, network interfaces and processors.

Storage management

The solution provides unified storage and performance monitoring that supports automated storage capacity planning, as well as I/O access point detection that limits overall system performance.

Monthly SLA

The solution provides unified storage and performance monitoring that supports automated storage capacity planning, as well as I/O access point detection that limits overall system performance.

Incident management

Incidents are managed via the helpdesk.

Log management

Logs are evaluated and analyzed in real time to identify threatening activities, alert administrators of abnormal or potentially threatening activities and report incidents.


System backups are kept for a period of one month.



libC Technologies provides its customers with an assistance portal, by telephone or via the Internet.


Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, except on public holidays in the canton of Vaud.

Reaction time

The customer is contacted by an engineer within 4 business hours of the request for assistance.


The customer sends his support requests to the dedicated portal. Requests are recorded and monitored by the helpdesk and the customer can track their status via the Internet.


The customer operates within the framework and context of the support infrastructure based on the delivered systems and software components.


libC Technologies maintains the necessary know-how to perform support tasks on systems and service components.


Assistance is provided during coverage hours by phone and/or email.

Support portal

The service provides year round telephone and Internet access to the helpdesk during the coverage period.

Material and labour

Each reported request for assistance is processed by a qualified engineer. Assistance is governed by a protocol defined by the service contract.